Price comparison between construction site dumpsters and Big Sacks

Price comparison between construction site dumpsters and Big Sacks

In this article, we would like to focus on an essential aspect of junk removal services, namely the price. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, the question of price is obviously central and it is not always easy to compare the prices of the different services available to you. How much does a container cost? What is the price of the alternative solution proposed by Big Sack for a similar case? We will try to answer these questions objectively in this paper.

As a reminder and to better understand what follows, Big Sack offers a practical alternative to the construction dumpster. The dumpster is replaced by a large, extremely sturdy bag delivered by mail. You can fill the bag as you would a dumpster. A truck equipped with a detachable crane will then collect your bag.

Common problem

Let's take the example of an individual who owns a home located within a 10km radius of the service provider who will deliver the dumpster or Big Sack. This individual has recently done some renovation and demolition work on his house. He now wishes to have his waste removed from his home.

The work generated several types of waste, such as wood, tiles and roof tiles. The total volume of waste is estimated at 5m3. Several solutions are then offered to this person to get rid of his waste. They are in particular the construction site dumpster and the Big Sacks, which each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Detail of the costs for a 5m3 construction dumpster

Let's assume that our customer chooses a 5m3 skip in which he stores all his waste without sorting it. Based on average market prices, the total cost would be CHF 870. This price includes the transport costs (delivery and collection), the rental of the dumpster as well as the waste sorting and recycling tax.

However, the customer can optimize his costs by sorting his own waste directly on site. For this, it is possible to use two 3m3 dumpsters, as long as there is enough space. For example, wood could be stored in one dumpster, and inerts (tiles) in a second dumpster. The recycling fee would then be lower, as the service provider would no longer have to sort the materials.  In this case, the average market price would be CHF 590.

Please note: Any municipal fees for storing a dumpster on the public street are not included here. It is sometimes not possible to store dumpsters on private property because of obstacles (low walls, barriers) or the impossibility of access to the dumpsters (sloping ground, narrow access, garden). These fees generally amount to CHF 100.

Detailed costs for Big Sacks with a volume of 5m3

The different sizes of Big Sacks available on our website make it easy to sort the waste directly on the spot. By doing the sorting himself, the private individual can save a significant amount of money.

In this case, let's assume that the quantity of waste is the same as the one used to calculate the price of the dumpsters above, i.e. 5m3 in total, of which 3m3 of wood and 2m3 of inert materials (tiles).

The total cost of waste collection here would be CHF 485. This price includes the cost of purchasing the bags, the collection and the recycling fees. This represents a saving of over CHF 100.


The purpose of this article is to compare two solutions to a similar problem and to analyze the costs of each solution.

If the person does not have the possibility to order several dumpsters and thus sort his waste directly on site, the saving made thanks to the Big Sacks system amounts to CHF 385.00, i.e. about 45%.

If multiple dumpsters can be stored, the savings amount to CHF 105, or about 18%. In both cases, Big Sacks are therefore more advantageous.

Here again, it should be noted that the dumpsters present a heavier charge to the customer. The container must be accessible to the truck so that it can be deposited and picked up when it is full. This is why it is often not possible to store dumpsters behind hedges, fences or walls, or on difficult to access terrain (e.g. narrow or high). Big Sacks, on the other hand, can be stored anywhere, as long as they remain within reach of the crane truck's grabber that collects them.

In addition, dumpsters are not always available immediately from the service provider, which can cause waiting times. Once the dumpster is available, you have to wait for the truck to deliver it to the site. Big Sacks, on the other hand, are always available and can be delivered by mail to any address within two business days.

As mentioned above, municipalities require permits to store dumpsters on public roads. Big Sacks, on the other hand, can easily be stored on private property (behind a fence or hedge, in a garden, etc.), so in most cases no permit is required.

Of course, dumpsters are also useful in many cases, especially for large amounts of waste.

We hope this article has been helpful to you! Don't wait any longer, order your Big Sacks and try our solution from CHF 150. Check our prices or contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any questions.


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