[Big Sack] - Débarras de déchets de chantier et d'encombrants

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How does it work?

Step 1Buy your Big Sack

Order your Big Sack online and we will send it to you by post within 3 working days.

Step 2 Fill your Big Sack

Fill your Big Sack with the permitted waste. The Big Sack must not exceed 1.5 tonnes.

Step 3Order a pickup

Book your pickup online and our trucks will pick up your bag!

Types de déchets

Mobilier, bois, emballages, objects composites, cartons souillés, plastiques ctc.

Plusieurs types de déchets mélangés et nécessitant un tri.

Bois non souillé, terre végétale, carton, béton propre, déchets verts

Attention : Si plusieurs types de déchets par sac, compté en déchets à trier

Gravats, briques, tuiles, dalles, plâtre, pierres, carrelages etc

Attention : Si plusieurs types de déchets par sac, compté en déchets à trier

Amiante fortement aggloméré

Substances inflammables, corrosives, etc.

Piles et batteries en tout genre

Déchets alimentaires en tout genre

Produits liquides en tout genre (produit vaisselle, huiles, etc.)

Bouteilles de gaz et contenants sous pression


Envoyez-nous votre message et nous vous répondrons dans les plus brefs délais. Vous pouvez également nous appeler directement au 0800 284 284.

Où puis-je utiliser Big Sack?

Nos services sont disponibles dans toute la Suisse
romande ainsi que dans le canton de Berne.

Who is Big Sack for?

Pourquoi nous choisir?

Big Sack est la solution idéale pour l’évacuation de vos encombrants et déchets en tout genre.

Acheter Big Sack


Évacuez facilement tous vos déchets.


Nous collectons vos déchets sous 24 à 48h


Nos sacs peuvent contenir jusqu’à 1.5 tonne.


Nos tarifs sont très compétitifs.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who collects the Big Sacks when they are filled?
Big Sack offers a collection service throughout French-speaking Switzerland and in the canton of Bern. Thanks to our network of partners, we are able to collect your bags quickly and efficiently. We ensure that we use partners close to you and optimise the collection rounds to minimise the environmental impact of your waste collection.
2. Can I have several Big Sacks collected at the same time?
Yes, you can have one or more bags collected at a time. In general we are able to collect up to 10 bags at a time. For larger quantities, the crane truck will simply collect in batches and this will have no impact on our rates.
3. How do I organise the collection of my Big Sack(s)?
You can order a pick-up directly on our website or by calling us on 0800 284 284.
4. How quickly can Big Sack pick up my bags?
Once your request for collection has been received, the crane trucks usually collect your bags within 24 to 72 hours.
5. Do I need to apply to my local authority for permission to use my Big Sacks?
In general, you will not need to apply for permission to place and use your Big Sacks, particularly if the bags are stored on private property. Permission applications are normally only required if you place your Big Sacks on the public highway (pavement, street, public parking space etc). Permits are particularly important if the Big Sacks are going to obstruct traffic. For these special cases, we recommend that you contact your local authority. You will be responsible for any costs associated with the permit.
6. Do I have to be at home for the Big Sack pick-up?
No, you do not need to be present as long as the driver has easy access to your Big Sack. The driver will have to manually attach the straps of your Big Sack to the crane which requires direct access. Caution: make sure there are NO obstacles to the crane such as power lines or tree branches.
7. Can I fill my Big Sacks to the brim?
Yes, you can fill your Big Sacks to the top, but don't let the waste protrude too far from the bag. The driver should be able to easily attach the straps of your Big Sack to the crane to pick it up.
8. Are Big Sacks single use?
Yes, once used, Big Sacks are fragile and should not be reused as they may break during the second collection. Big Sack reuses the bags or recycles them with the rest of the waste disposed of.
9. What happens to the waste collected by the Big Sack service?
All collected waste is taken to a government-approved recycling centre. Thanks to Big Sacks, waste can easily be sorted at source, thus promoting recycling and downstream recovery.
10. Is there a surcharge to pay in addition to the price displayed on the website?
No. Big Sack works in full transparency and the fixed prices displayed on our site are applicable throughout French-speaking Switzerland and the canton of Berne. The prices include the transport costs and the recycling fee. The final weight of the waste contained in the bag does not influence the price. However, if the type of waste advertised does not correspond to the type of waste found at the time of collection, Big Sack reserves the right to charge any price difference.
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What our customers say

We keep our promises. See for yourself.

Rated 5.0 on Google & Trustpilot

Big Sack's service is simply brilliant. Immediately after we placed our order, we received a Big Sack in the post, we filled it with various waste products from work we had done ourselves and, once the bag was full, we asked for it to be collected and once the bag was full, we asked for it to be collected on the day we requested.

Massimo Lecci

I had the pleasure of trying the services of Big Sack for the first time. A young, responsive and reliable company that lived up to my expectations. The bags are solid and quickly delivered. I would like to thank the team for their excellent work.

Jean-Martial Pfister

Thank you very much for your availability and your efficiency. I will not hesitate to recommend you if I am asked for a waste management solution!

Anton Chambon

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