Celebrate Creativity and Innovation Day with Big Sack

April 21st marks World Creativity and Innovation Day (#WCID), a global United Nations initiative to promote the importance of creativity and innovation in problem-solving, especially to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the "Global Goals". This day aims to encourage creative multidisciplinary thinking at both individual and collective levels.



Big Sack's Innovative Approach

At Big Sack, we fully embody the spirit of World Creativity and Innovation Day. Our business model revolves around challenging the status quo in waste management, offering innovative solutions to promote a circular economy in the construction sector. In daily life, waste can accumulate, and it's challenging to prioritize waste sorting amid other daily tasks or on construction sites. Big Sack can provide multiple bags to create a collection point at the site/project and sort waste on the spot. It's even possible to place bags at different locations and floors. We then collect your bags within 24-48 hours, no matter where you are in Switzerland. This final step saves you trips to the landfill, keeps your car or van clean, and saves time while sparing you hassle!

We had the honor of winning the prestigious award for the most innovative startup in the collaboration category at the RENT competition 2024. The presented project involves producing environmentally friendly concrete using recycled aggregates, in partnership with Holcim, Swissroc, and Henry Transports SA. By sorting and collecting inert waste on construction sites, we close the loop in the construction industry and contribute to sustainable construction projects. Additionally, the Big Sack solution significantly reduces CO2 emissions. In fact, our Big Sacks are sent by post in a recycled envelope and then picked up with an optimized truck route. The reduction and optimization of trips reduce CO2 emissions by almost half compared to a conventional bin solution.


Positive Outcomes of Our Innovation and Startup Ecosystem Engagement

Participating in conferences, competitions like RENT, or even informal gatherings is always a transformative experience. By sharing our vision and innovative projects, we strengthen our credibility, expand our network, and meet interested individuals. This recognition motivates us to continue innovating and pushing boundaries for a cleaner and more sustainable future. Furthermore, this opens up new opportunities for cross-sectoral and inter- company collaboration. Indeed, such collaborations are a source of constant innovation and challenge to the status quo. Through these partnerships, we go beyond traditional vertical industries and work together, leveraging each other's strengths in different phases.

Our Partnership with Garbage Friends and MyClimate

We are proud to collaborate with committed partners like Garbage Friends and MyClimate. Together, we explore new approaches to promote more sustainable and efficient waste management, leading to greener construction projects and reduced CO2 emissions.

Why Choose Big Sack?

On this World Creativity and Innovation Day, choose Big Sack for your waste management and disposal needs. Our Big Sacks offer an alternative to traditional construction site or bulky waste bins. There's no rental period or pressure, you can take as much time as you need to fill your Big Sack. Plus, they are less bulky and easier to store than a conventional bin.

We offer a flexible, fast, and sustainable solution, contributing to a cleaner and more innovative environment.

Together, let's create a better world through creativity and innovation!


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