7 steps to successful spring cleaning in 2023

7 steps to successful spring cleaning in 2023

Spring means spring cleaning!  It's the perfect time to clean, tidy, sort and get rid of the things that have accumulated over time!

But before getting started, you need to be well prepared. There's no point in starting without a rigorous preparation and a precise plan.

Because when it's time for the big clean-up, we all tend to slow down and procrastinate given the magnitude of the task. It takes a bit of organization and time,the idea is not to jump in head first.

To get started, you have to consider it step by step, piece by piece. It is better to set small goals to reach a bigger goal.

Because let's not forget, the goal here is of course to improve your interior and to refresh your decoration, but also to improve your well-being by feeling good at home.

The purpose of this article will be to explain how to prepare and to help you.

Step 1 - Planning

Before you begin, we strongly recommend that you plan with a to-do list. Without a list, you run the risk of forgetting one thing or another, which can lead to frustration because you won't feel like you're making any progress with your cleaning. And then, what satisfaction when you have checked off a task.

The list must be clear and include all the tasks to be done. Each room should have its own list so that it is adapted to each of their specificities.

Step 2 - Tidy up

For your spring cleaning to be a success, the first thing you need to do is to tidy up and declutter your entire house. The more it is cleared and tidied, the more efficient your cleaning will be and the more time you will save.

So, start by sorting through your closets, cupboards and other storage space, which may include clothes you haven't worn in 6 months or broken or damaged items.

To store, consider using storage boxes to optimize space and find your things more easily.

For all the objects you want to get rid of, you can call Big Sack, we take care of getting rid of your bulky or other useless or damaged objects thanks to our Big Sacks. Their different sizes (1m3, 2m3 and 3m3) allow to adapt to your needs and to the types of objects you want to get rid of.

Step 3 - Get the right equipment

Before starting the actual cleaning, it is important to be well equipped.

We advise you to equip yourself with :

  • several microfiber cloths
  • sponges
  • a broom
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • a mop
  • plastic bags

As far as products are concerned, less is more, it is better to use simple and natural products that will be useful for all your rooms such as black soap, white vinegar or baking soda. These are ecological and biodegradable products.

You can also add a product to wash windows and toilets.

You can easily find these products at Migros or Coop.

Is your list ready? You finally got rid of your useless stuff and you have all the necessary tools and products, so you are ready to start your spring cleaning.

We're going to focus on the most important rooms in your home: the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Step 4 - The kitchen

The kitchen is the most used room in the house, so the main part of the work will be to degrease and disinfect but not only. It will also be necessary to sort the food and to check the expiration dates. For all the expired food: direction the dustbin.

Every piece of equipment in the kitchen will be examined: whether it is descaling the kettle and the coffee maker using white vinegar or washing the inside of the microwave while not forgetting to degrease the oven. Finally, you can use a toothbrush to clean your toaster, also remember to remove the crumbs.

It is also important to wash and disinfect the trash can but also the inside of the fridge (it is indeed recommended to wash it at least once a month). If you have a freezer, remember to defrost it (don't wait until you can no longer open it to do so).

Step 5 - The bathroom

For the bathroom, we will focus on deposits and other scale stains.

The sinks, shower heads, bathtub and other faucets will have to be cleaned and descaled. Don't forget to wash the joints, on which mildew can accumulate.

Tidy up your cosmetics and beauty products. Store the ones you keep and throw away the rest.

And finally, you can clean your bathroom mirror with a glass cleaner.

Step 6 - The bedroom

The first step in your room will be to empty your closets: make a big sort in your stuff. Put aside the ones you don't use, and throw away your damaged things.

As for the closets, put away your chests of drawers and bedside tables. It will be easier to empty them completely in order to sort out their contents. 

Concerning the bed, it is strongly advised to turn over your mattress. This will allow you to distribute the mattress well. If it is too damaged, do not hesitate to change your mattress, your sleep will thank you.

Finally, to thoroughly clean and disinfect your carpets and rugs, you can rent a steam cleaner.

Step 7 - The garden

For those lucky enough to have a garden, spring is an important step. It will therefore be essential to mow, prune and trim your hedges. The objective here is to make room for the young shoots that will soon appear by eliminating the dried out stems or other branches and twigs roasted by the frost.

Spring cleaning is also an opportunity to get rid of your broken pots or tools.

For all your green waste and other broken pots, you can go to the nearest waste collection center, which is not necessarily the most convenient because it requires you to move. Or you can use Big Sack, which allows you to evacuate your green waste, bulky items or other waste quickly and easily without having to think about whether the dump is open on a particular day or at a particular time.

You can also enlist the help of someone to help you clean out your home. Recent years have seen the development of the Home Organiser concept. Their job is to help people make their homes more orderly, functional and pleasant. They do this by sorting objects, organising storage spaces and maximising the use of every available space, whether it's decluttering a room, reorganising a cupboard or completely rethinking the interior layout.

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to sort things out and give your home a new lease of life, and that's where home organisers come in. They bring their expertise to bear to help you draw up a plan of action, get organised and create effective storage systems. Whether it's reorganising your cupboards, optimising the space in your garage or simplifying your workspace, home organisers can help you transform your home into a functional and soothing space.

You can call on them in Switzerland by contacting your nearest home organiser on the website of the Swiss association of home organisers.

Now that everything is tidied up, cleaned, disinfected and cleared away, you can enjoy your new home.

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